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“Health is not just being disease-free. Health is when every cell in your body is bouncing with joy.”

Speaking & Coaching

Davina is a Level 1 Vinyasa Yoga Teacher, having gained her accreditation from Being Yoga.  Davina provides tailored yoga classes to large groups such as workplaces and social groups.  She has a passion for practicing the lifestyle of yoga, to bring about peace, inner awareness and greater compassion and gratitude. 

Mindfulness & Wellness Coaching

Davina hosts a one day Mindful Living program, suitable for beginners wishing to learn more about the art of mindfulness, practical formal and informal mindfulness strategies, and deep reflective practices to increase self awareness and meditative abilities. 



Davina is a sought after public speaker.  She provides group workshops, presentations and talks on a wide variety of topics.  Her interventions are tailored to support the individual needs of the workplace or group. Davina presents with the intention of provide practical tools and skills development, rather than theory.


Davina’s extension and varied career provides a great foundation as a supervision to junior psychologists and those seeking to increase their knowledge and understanding.  Davina has support many other professionals in suicide related matters, adolescent and family issues and trauma, to name a few. 


Davina’s experience has allowed her the ability to provide professional and skilled consultation to workplaces and schools around policy development, staff wellbeing and staff professional development. 

“Speaking Teen could be the difference between connecting with Teenagers and losing them to the influences of society and social media.”


What Your Teen is Telling Me & Why They’re Not Telling You:  Practical Communication Tools Every Parent Must Know
Teenagers tell Davina things they would not dream of telling their parents; all the while, parents watch on helplessly, feeling fear, guilt and anger. In her first publication, Davina reveals what Teenagers have been divulging to her behind closed doors: drugs and alcohol, suicide, sex, friends and family, school and more.  Most importantly, Davina explains why they choose to confide in her and not you, their parent and the most influential adult in their life, and what you can do to change this.


Davina Donovan

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